I love to write and I feel like I’m sort of overflowing with thoughts, emotions, words, questions, ideas and lessons these days, so thought I’d put them down on virtual paper :). In addition to writing words, I respond to reading words, and somehow writing things down and then reviewing them keeps me motivated and accountable. So- we’ll try it again and see how it goes…..
Over the events of the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of what really matters and what’s important and how to find that balance as we go down the road of life with all it’s twists and turns. Like if you knew it was all going to disappear in say….6 months… or 3 years…..what would you do? What would matter? There are many things like family, friends, faith, health, love, compassion….that I’ve always know are important, but there are many things like education and work and recognition and contribution and talent and business and productivity…to name a few…that I’m beginning to question more and more. Not that I haven’t questioned them in the past, but the questions get lost in the chaos and pressure of the people/environment/atmosphere of where I spend so many of my hours. I’ve said so many times before that despite regrets, I never say that I would “change things” that have happened b/c I think we are who we are b/c of the experiences we have in life- without each of them and how they play together- we wouldn’t be the people we are.
I ate at a restaurant with a friend a few days ago called “Boom”. It is apparently named after a Japanese phrase “the Boom” which translates into “the thing that I am currently obsessed with”. I find myself thinking about the significance of pretty much everything these days and was stuck while I was waiting and eating and for a few days afterwards of what my “Boom” was. I don’t really like the word obsessed b/c it has come to have a negative connotation- but I think it would be ok to be obsessed with a lot of things- things like GOD, God’s love, love for others, health, compassion, truth, mercy, grace….there are others. What’s humbling is to think what others would say I am obsessed with based on looking at me from the outside……Boom. I like it. It’s a good short reminder for me to do those little internal “checks”.

Kristin Armstrong- “Work in Progress”
On confidence- When your confidence stems from the Almighty, unchanging One, you can’t be shaken by change or circumstance!………Being good enough means letting go of expectations (of ourselves and those placed on us by others ) and focusing on the areas in which we truly do have soemthing to offer.

Isaiah 32:17 The fruit of righteousness wil be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.

Peace, quietness and confidence- sounds like a big warm fuzzy blanket.

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