Hello…How’d it go?

When I started this blog, I promised I was never going to apologize for how much or how little I wrote, so I won’t even mention the time between the “challenge” and me checking up on it now. 
So how did it go?  Anyone do the whole week?  Doing those two things you “love” every day for a whole week?  I picked running and writing, and well, if I’m honest, I didn’t- completely anyway.  But oddly enough it was a really good experience even despite that.  The truth is, I just wasn’t able to run everyday that week for several reasons.  I could have walked instead, but my stubborn OCD-ness wouldn’t let me get away with that, so I pouted about not being able to run instead.  I did write several days but not everyday.  But the first thing Monday morning, I had a conversation with someone and had a chance to encourage them, and I realized- THAT’S what I love to do.  So I modified and added that, as well as adding listening to a favorite musical artist everyday.  So I didn’t do what I started out intending to do, but I did those two new things and it was really good.

First of all, I think intentionally doing ANYTHING these days is good- makes you stop and be purposeful and efficient with your time and energy.  Then, to do something that makes you feel “good” or useful or fulfilled or “pick your adjective” only makes you MORE useful, efficient, helpful, productive ……in whatever ways you might measure those things.  As I’m writing this, I realize there are people with all kinds of jobs and purposes reading along- so efficient to me might mean getting my work done and home by 5, or to you it might mean spending extra quality time with your kids, or getting a more restful nap or any myriad number of things.

Then, I think doing things that you love- are passionate about- only makes you a more loving and passionate person and people notice that…the world notices that.  I have really been thinking, reading, meditating, talking alot the last few months about how to live simply and passionately…..it’s intriguing to me.

I met a lot of passionate people in the last week.  People who were passionate about their families, their kids, their husbands, their food, their jobs, their lives, their reading, their learning, their friends, their purpose in life, God, persevering, nature……..so many passionate people- and I wanted to stay and keep talking to them all.  That’s part of passion I think- your passion usually makes other people want to be around you..(unless its possibly an “unhealthy” passion).

 I stayed a night this weekend in a luxury teepee in Zillah, WA.
 It was “simple” (although yes luxurious flannel sheets, and power cords were nice I’ll admit). 
The concept of 8 random teepees in someone’s backyard in the middle of nowhere WA- on a horse ranch no less is kinda crazy if you look at from some eyes.  But if you look at it with passion eyes- it’s amazing.  This couple rescues horses that are abandoned and not wanted anymore- hence their horse farm.  Their entire family- kids, kid-in-laws, cousins etc, grew up and work on the farm in some way or another.  They hire local workers who most certainly would not have a job otherwise.  They loved what they woke up and saw every morning- their view-so much that they decided they had to share it.  Hence- the luxury teepees.
Your night’s stay comes complete with an open air shower, a very very clean and naturally-hidden bathroom, amazing wood furnirture (supporting another local craftsman), DELICIOUS breakfast and strong, hot coffee when the sun comes up and again, a view people would pay a lot more than I did to see. 
They even rehabilitate the horses (daughter) and do group rides where you are taken around to local wineries on horseback.  They learned my name and called me by it the whole time I was there.  I really really wanted to ask them if I could be “adopted” bc I really really didn’t want to leave.  As I was talking to “Pepper” (wife) about life, and living simply, and living spiritually and living passionately I was inspired to try a little harder.  I’m thinking a luxury teepee would fit just perfectly in our backyard  🙂
Would love to hear your thoughts on the love experiment (whether you did it or not)- what did you learn, what was surprising, have you changed anything after doing that….and any thoughts on living passionately- people you’ve been inspired by, how you live passionately…

4 thoughts on “Hello…How’d it go?

  1. Ashley Cockerham August 1, 2011 / 10:48 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing–I didn't know about the experiment, but I'm also finding in my life that it's so much more rich if lived on purpose. I can't just sit back waiting for life to happen to me. I could, but it would be a pretty sad existence. Same with raising kids–has to be done intentionally. Same with becoming a disciple of Jesus. And probably so many other things. Thanks for being so open to sharing your journey–I have a blogspot for that reason, but I haven't sat down to share much on it! Maybe I'll give it another try!

  2. Robyn Brand August 2, 2011 / 9:09 am

    I love the term "passion eyes", Dawn! Just to think that we all should stop and think about why people do the things they do and how their passion motivates them is kind of mind-blowing! Awesome.

  3. Dawn August 4, 2011 / 8:12 pm

    thanks for sharing you two!

  4. Robyn August 5, 2011 / 8:06 pm

    I am extending this challenge to myself indefinitely. Because I am in a huge slump and can't seem to get motivated to do much of anything these days. I think a week in one of those luxury teepees would cure me tho…

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