A lovely weekend

Good morning!!

I’m writing from the beautiful- in that PAC NW rainy/drizzly kind of beauty, where the trees drip and the clouds hug low and you feel nostalgic in a good kind of way beauty I mean- Seabeck Conference Center in Washington. I’m here on a Women’s retreat where we’ve been forbidden to wear make-up or use our cell phones (shhhh… Don’t tell!!) and the theme is “Being known”.

I’m excited about 36 hours of enjoying nature and other girls- new and good friends alike- and am looking forward to a beautiful run this afternoon.

I am so grateful also that our conference speaker is one of my absolute favorite writers- Margaret Manning– who works with Ravi Zacharias ministries and helps answer people’s questions.

I’ll be back online soon, but in the meantime, here’s a post for my amazingly gifted friend Stephanie May’s really cool website The Lipstick Gospel– check her out- her way with words and pictures is guaranteed to make you say ” Yes, Me too!!”.

Enjoy these “loveliest things” post as I’m preparing for a lovely day.

Here’s to a lovely weekend! I’d love to hear what makes a weekend “lovely” for you!?!

2 thoughts on “A lovely weekend

  1. Stephanie R April 7, 2013 / 6:48 am

    I love you! I’m going to try to answer your email tonight. It’s hard to type with one arm, but the little one is currently asleep, so I’m going to try now 🙂

    • Dawn Muench April 8, 2013 / 6:30 am

      Oh Steph- love you and can’t wait to see that little baby. We learned at our (amazing!!!!) Women’s retreat this weekend that “Zoe” means “resurrection, life…” as in “I am the Resurrection Life”- this is the “I am ” word Jesus uses in the story of Mary/Martha/Lazarus (raising Lazarus from the dead; John 11). I’m sure you already knew that- what an amazing gift you gave you little one with THAT name!

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